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Tuesday, 4 May 2021

In the pub beer garden on Bank Holiday Monday....



The police came to my front door on Bank Holiday Monday, holding a picture of the missus, then asked me: "Is this your wife, sir?" Shocked, I answered: “Yes, it is.” They informed me: “I’m afraid it looks like she’s been hit by a bus". I sez: "I know, but she has a jovial personality and she’s very good with the dogs.”

I sez to the local vicar: "Hello father, this is a really architecturally splendid church. What period is it from?" He replied: "It’s Norman." I sez: "Sorry, Norman, this is a really architecturally splendid church, what period is it from?”

Thursday Thought: The Woke movement is pure decadence. It’s an indulgence in luxury beliefs.


Fascinating Fact: When Lord Nelson died, he was 5 feet tall. However, his statue in London is 15 feet tall. That’s Horatio of 3;1.

During lockdown, I bought a chicken to make sandwiches, but all it does is poo all over the kitchenette floor.

I wrote to BBC Gardeners Question Time and asked: “I was gardening last week and after digging the flower bed, I discovered a rag and bone mans bugle, should I root-it-oot?” I’m still awaiting a reply.

Barmy Albert sez to me: "Non-Stick Nora drives like lightning." I replied: "You mean she drives fast?" Albert sez: "No, she hits trees."


Thought for Thursday: If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done!

I bumped into my next-door neighbour Barmy Albert up near Scropton Sreet Gasworks. He had two black eyes. I asked him what had happened. He replied, "I was standing behind a rather large woman at the supermarket checkout, I noticed that her dress was caught in the nape of her derriere, so I pulled it out. She turned around and punched me square in the eye." "Wow! Where did you get the other shiner from?" I politely enquired. "Well, I figured she preferred it the way it was before, so I pushed it back in."


Men often misinterpret exactly what message women are endeavouring to convey. Women are very fickle, so they are. Exercise extreme caution! Now read on: The wife phoned me the other day and the conversation went thus:

Her: “You know that Spartacus Gladiator box set that I got you?”

Me: “What about it?”

Her: “Put Volume 2 in the DVD player. Forward it exactly one hour, 16 minutes and 28 seconds.”

Me: “Right, I’ve done that”

Her: “Okay, you see the gladiator at the front, fighting the lion!”

Me: “I can see that, yeah.”

Her: “Just behind him, there are two gladiators having a sword fight with each other!”

Me: “Okay, I see them.”

Her: “Well, behind them two, on the left hand side of the screen, there’s a gladiator guarding the gate holding a spear.”

Me: “Yes! I can see him!”

Her: Can you see his feet?

Me: Yes, I can!

Her: Right! Those are the sandals I want for my birthday!”




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