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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Memorable Football Manager Quotes...

Malcolm Allison:

A lot of hard work went into this defeat.

Ron Atkinson

1. I needed to give my players some technical advice - I told them that the game had started.

2. I never criticise referees and I won’t change a habit for that pratt.

Craig Brown: Kevin Keegan and I have 63 international caps between us – he has 63 and I have none.

Kevin Keegan: In some ways cramp is worse than having a broken leg.

Brian Clough: Do you know that Sinatra once met me.

Sven-Goran Eriksson: Before his first game as England manager: I’m nervous about meeting so many people. It’s like when you go out with a woman for the first time, you’re bound to wonder how it will end up.

Sir Alf Ramsey: There is great harmonium in the dressing room.

David Pleat: To a 17 year old Neil Ruddock – ‘When you finish playing football young man, which I feel will be very soon, you will make a very good security guard.

Sir Bobby Robson:

1.I would have given my right arm to have been a pianist.

2. We don’t want our players to be monks. We want football players; a monk doesn’t play football at their level.

Lawrie McMenemy: When you are 4-0 up you don’t expect to lose 7-1.

Bill Shankly: To Celtic manager Jock Stein at Anfield – ‘Jock. Do you want your share of the gate money or shall we just return the empties.

Jose Mourinho: On his predecessor at Chelsea, Claudio Ranieri – I could say what has he ever won, but I won’t.

Sir Alex Ferguson: When I was at St. Mirren it was a desolate place. Even the birds woke up coughing.

Gordon Strachan: On Eric Cantona - If a Frenchman goes on about fishing boats and sardines, he’s a philosopher. I’d just be called a short Scottish bum talking crap.

And the best of all:

John Lambie (Partick Thistle manager) when told a concussed player didn’t know who he was – ‘great, tell him he’s Pele and get him back out there quick.’

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