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Saturday 3 January 2015

Glasgow Nicknames...

Nicknames given to Glasgow characters by their friends and workmates:

"Two Soups" - his real name is Campbell Baxter.

"The Boomerang Kid" - whenever anyone at work asks a question, he always replies:
'I'll get back to you on that.'

"The Parachute" - lets everyone down at the last minute.

"Vaseline" - his real name is Willie Burns.

"Rembrandt" - loves saying to colleagues: 'Let me put you in the picture...'

"Bo Derek" - a chap called Derek with terrible body odour.

"The Genie" - magically appears whenever anyone opens a bottle.

"Dulux" - his pals reckon he's only got one coat.

"Soapy" - washes his hands of any problems that crop up..

"The Yeti" - always on the sick. Many unconfirmed sightings of this guy, but nobody can prove he actually exists.

"The Gas Man" - he's serviced loads of old boilers.

"The Hostage" - when anyone asks for help he always replies: 'Sorry, my hands are tied.'

"The Olympic Flame" - he never goes out!

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