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Saturday 20 June 2020

RIP Wayne 'Check' Allen....


I knew him since he worked for Lord Bertie Topham in Manchester during the mid 70's. He got me some 10 day tours of Germany around the troop bases. He was an inveterate chortler. He abhorred bad language and would take anyone to task who used it. I bumped into him at Granada TV in mid 80's and for some reason he had a bag that belonged to Victor Spinetti. We ended up going out on the ale with Victor who was meeting his pal Charles Gray, who played Blofeld in the Bond movies, then Fred Feast and Lynne Perrie joined the group and it became a right bender! An impromptu gathering with the ‘Mad Jaffa Cake Eater’, a Bond villain and a couple of Corrie stars! He gave me this LP in the Long Bar and it contains his famous version of Nessun dorma sung in Italian Welsh! Hilarious! I asked him where the ‘Check’ originated from in his stage moniker and apparently it was a group that he fronted prior to becoming a stand-up comic.

RIP Wayne. There'll never be another!


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  1. Met Wayne in a club in Newquay once a great guy..