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Sunday 14 June 2015



Many folk reckon that I talk too much. I've been told that I am an addlepated blatherer
and constantly spout an unrelenting barrage of egregious crapulate logorrhea. 
Now, I don't want to get on anyone's nerves or annoy people, 
 I want to say that I'm just going to keep quiet . Yes, from now on you'll not hear 
one jot, or scintilla of my vocabulary.  I'm gonna keep schtum! 

Hey, dear reader.  Listen up! You'll hear absolutely nowt out of me. Nope.
I'll be as quiet as a mouse that suffers from laryngitis, so I will.. Not a murmur
will I utter and my new watchword will be: "Duct tape is silver ~ silence is golden" 
this will be my motto, forthwith. Not a word will you hear from me. I'm
not going to say anything more. Eyes have not seen nor have ears heard the
amount of sounds that will not come forth from my lips. I will be keeping my
mouth shut. I will hush and say no more and I'll be so quiet you'll not even
know I'm here. If per chance I open my gob, then it will be void of all noise
The silence will reverberate like a falling feather.
My voice shall be still and soundless and completely without noise. I am now
beginning a long period of intensified silence. I will be seen and not
heard. I'll be so quiet you'll be able to hear a pin drop at forty paces. My
vocal cords will be still and they will be hushed. No, I will not speak a
sound and not even so much as a whisper will be heard from me.

I will, however, continue to breathe. You might hear me breathing with my
nose and, on occasion, through my mouth, as this is something that I feel I
must do. I have tried to breathe using other parts of my body but with
little or no success. You may, from time to time hear me breathing but do
not confuse the sound of breathing with the utterance of words for this is
something that I will not be doing.

I'm going to be real quiet commencing immediately. No more will you hear my 'Hobson's Choice'.
As of right now I will say no more. After this you won't hear a squeak out of
me. I am going to be quiet now. It will make no difference whether or not
you are within earshot of me for I will be without sound. My voice box will
resonate no more. As of this moment I will cease to relate harmoniously. I'm
going to hush now. Quiet as a mouse is what I'll be. Not another peep will I
make. No, not one, there'll be no nothing, so there will, I mean won't....


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