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Thursday 2 October 2014

Genuine Messenger Thread That Took Place Last Sunday...

Good morning
What's good about it?
Am doing pretty good
what about you??
Am so happy Austin
Hope you got the good news like i did?
My dog died and my eyelashes hurt. The doctor reckons I have Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis But it's difficult to say at the moment
Wots da good news then sista?
I got money from federal government free help grant $200,000 in cash.did you get yours?
Yes I already had it. But I spent most of it on beer and prostitutes. I squandered the rest.
My friend that got the money told me and give me the lawyer facebook link to apply from which i did and the money was delivered to me..
I am mentally retarded. Will this matter ?
The federal govt started the new program to help people out
Oh well I'm all for it then. You nice girl I luv u long long time
What if I am a mong?
The lawyer is online on facebook now talking to peoples and giving them the form to collect the money in cash. do you have the lawyer facebook link or email address or the text phone number
It's 096367. ;5773367235
The lawyer facebook link is
text phone number is ........495-759-8628

That is the lawyer facebook link, click on it and send him a friend request and tell him a friend that got the grant told you about the program and you are ready to apply
Is he the lawyer that got Stevie Wonder a driving licence?
No,he id the federal government lawyer in charge of the program
Just send him a friend request so he can talk with you
Is he a rampant homosexual?
I don't know much about his background
Is he a stooper or a stabber?
Don't know
My friend that got the money give me the lawyer facebook link alone and i apply and got the money
Can you find out please because I don't mind giving it. But I don't like my vice versa if you see what I mean Nudge nudge. Wink wink!!
Don't worry,the lawyer is a very nice man and honest he will help you
i assure you
just click on the link i send to you and send him a friend request
If I click on it will I get compensation or an electric shock?
“Hey, make time today to apply for this. It’s not advertised publicly. I got the info from my friend, so I am sure you will get the grant. It’s what you need..After you are assured that you completed everything properly and your chances to get the grant are high
The more I see, the more I like it Katie. BTW. What are you wearing ?
what do you still think about me ?
I have an ingrowing cock and I'm gradually shagging myself to death
Do you want to marry me??
Can't get away to marry you today. My wife won't let me.
I call her Narnia. She has hair like a lion Looks like a witch. And is the size of a wardrobe....
What do you want me to do now Austin??
Show it to me on webcam while I have a cuff link cantata xx
Sunday 5:14pm
How are you
Did you talk with the lawyer??
He has appraised my situation and firmly believes that I must have serious mental health issues and that I require psychiatric counselling because I am Radio Rental
Chat Conversation End

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